3SFG Clan Server Rules & Regulations


The following is a list of rules applicable to the [HOT][3sfg]Transistor62 TFC server, and other future servers administrated by 3SFG. It is your responsibility to read and understand them - we should not have to point them out to you. When you connect to the server you agree to play by our terms and rules or you will be forced to play elsewhere.



This includes the use of map bugs and exploits. EMP through walls is fine, but the nail grenade exploit is not, for example. If you are caught cheating on our server, or if cheats are detected on your computer, you will be banned on sight without warning. The owner of this server reserves the right to scan your hard drive for installed cheats when you use the server, using applications such as Cheating Death. If you do not agree to this then you should not attempt to connect to any of our servers. Bragging or talking about cheating will also earn you a ban on our servers as we have no way of being certain whether you are cheating or not – we will not assume you are “joking” about it. 3SFG has a zero tolerance policy for cheating and once you are banned you will not be unbanned.


Offensive Player Names

There is no need to use offensive player names other than to be offensive towards others. Offensive names (especially names insulting other clans) will result in your being banned from our server. Names that are intended to cause disruption are also disallowed (for example myg0t, OGC or any other reference to cheating). If you use any names that we consider to be inappropriate you will be removed from our servers.



If you are caught making racist comments on our server then we will ban you from our server. We have a zero tolerance policy. Racism is not a joking matter, and we take it very seriously.


Crashing Servers

Deliberate interference in the running of our servers, by using bugs to crash them or exploits is a very serious offence and we will not hesitate to ban you from our server and take other authoritative action(s). We keep logs and know exactly who does what, when they do it, and where they are coming from.

This especially applies to any administrators we decide to have on our server since having administrative access makes crashing easier – expect immediate lowering or removal of your privileges.


Disrupting Play

Any behavior or action that is intended to stop another player or group of players playing the game will be considered as disrupting play and you will be banned from the server. Disruptive play includes, but is not limited to, the following:


·         Teamshooting

Teamshooting is when you constantly fire upon a team-mate.

It is your own responsibility to ensure that you do not act foolishly, an admin should not have to point it out to you. You will be warned, then banned for 24 hours if you teamshoot again. Repetitive teamshooting results in a permanent ban.


·         Deliberately blocking friendly movement

If this act is seen as deliberate you may be kicked and possibly banned from the server.


·         Tricking people into pressing ALT+F4

Administrators will use their best judgement in deciding what action to take. I.E. Kick, Ban or Slapping.


·         Spawn Camping

If any players are found to be killing enemy players at their spawn with no intention of pursuing the team objective, those players may be kicked and possibly banned from the server.

·         Grenade Spamming

Even though this server implements spawn and chat protection, throwing more than one grenade at respawn areas is forbidden (since protection wears off and it still removes armor). Spamming is allowed elsewhere. Throw grenades at respawn areas only in defense as you move toward the map objective.


Any clans found joining our servers to invoke grudge matches with another clan will be banned from our servers permanently without warning. Only orderly and pre-scheduled clan matches will be allowed.


Any players that we suspect of intentionally trying to cause trouble will be permanently banned from the server. If you want to cause trouble, you can do it elsewhere - we have a zero tolerance policy.


Whether your behaviour is intended to be some kind of joke is totally irrelevant, act like fools and you will be dealt with harshly. I.E. Kick, Ban or Slapping.


Abusive Behaviour

If you are seen directing offensive language, abusive remarks, or any other form of inappropriate comments to other players or administrators, you will be kicked and possibly banned from our servers at the administrators’ discretion. People do not connect to our servers to receive abuse, they connect to play and have fun.


Deliberately calling other players “n00b” in an effort to insult their playing abilities is unacceptable and you may be kicked from the server. You were new once, and if you have nothing helpful to say, don’t say anything.


Unjustified cheat accusations also fall into this category. If you suspect someone is cheating, take a screenshot of the status information in the console (“admin_userlist”, and “screenshot” commands) and record a demo of the suspect (“record suspect”, and when done, the “stop” command). Do not verbally abuse the cheater as this will only force him to turn off his cheats or leave the server which means we will not be able to ban him or determine if the suspect is cheating. You may submit the evidence to administrators in IRC (IRCops), by uploading to the anon-uploads folder on the FTP, or by e-mail (transistor at transistor dot 101main dot com) with our permission; do not use the forums to submit the evidence.


IRC, E-mail, and Forums

Our rules concerning abuse extend to other forms of communication including IRC, e-mail and the forums. Our admins put in a lot of effort to keep this server running smoothly; they should not have to tolerate abuse in any form whatsoever. If you abuse one of our admins on IRC, using e-mail or on our forums, you will be banned from our servers.



We will not tolerate flooding on our servers. If you have something to say then say it once only. This includes the use of voice communications and binds. Changing your name repeatedly and rapidly in succession is also not allowed. If you are seen doing any form of flooding you will be kicked and possibly banned. Other off-TFC forms of flooding such as DoS, DDoS, and mail flooding will be dealt with more harshly. Excessive file transfers to or from the web and/or FTP servers (more than one transfer at a time or multi-threaded downloaders) are disallowed and will cause you to be banned from there also. Please do not spam or use excessive caps, we're not blind and spamming will just get you banned from the server.


Downloading While Playing

Do not connect to our servers to play a game while you are downloading at a rate that will interrupt your connection, as it is inconsiderate to the players around you who are unable to hit you properly. Any players showing a high or fluctuating ping similar to that of someone downloading will be removed from the server. Players who have network problems which cause a similar effect should also please consider the other players, although we appreciate that this is not directly your fault, you still choose to ruin the game for the people around you if you connect to our servers. Some cheating software also deliberately causes lag to mask speed cheats, so you don’t want to be accused.



Idling for long periods of time is highly inconsiderate and prevents other players from joining hence we will remove anyone we see idling on our servers.


Clan Tags

Unless you are in the actual clan, please refrain from using their tags. This causes unnecessary hostility and can create a lot of confusion. You risk being banned from the server if you choose to ignore this rule. This rule also applies to administrators.



When you are banned from our servers you may take the matter up with one of the IRCops in IRC, the forums, or by e-mail. If you choose to use IRC as a means of communication, please abide by our IRC guidelines or you may find yourself being banned from the channel. If you attempt to evade the ban and we find you on our servers, you will be banned again and possibly banned additionally by IP address. If you still persist to evade the ban then we may take the matter up with your ISP.


State your problem clearly and politely - swearing at administrators will not make them work any faster. Please make sure you read the server rules first as this may explain why you have been banned.


We do not condone any illegal activity and discussion of any illegal activity will result in you being banned from the channel.


Administrative Decisions

Once an administrator takes action against a player on our server, whether it be a warning, a kick or even a ban, that decision is final and not for the remaining players to question. Players who abuse administrators will simply be removed from the server. The administrators are there to enforce the rules, whether you like the rules or not. The server owner is allowed to do anything, even against administrators. Administrators’ decisions are usually upheld by the server owner.


A Final Word

Please remember that as a public Clan Server we must take into consideration the various kinds of people playing on the server. The above rules are in place in an attempt to keep [HOT][3sfg]Transistor62 a friendly and enjoyable place to play for people of all ages, religions, ethnic backgrounds and genders.


The ability to play on our public Clan server is a privilege, not a right, and as such can be revoked at any time whether temporary or permanent. We will not let the minority ruin it for the majority.




Email : transistor at transistor dot 101main dot com


IRC: #3SFG on transistor.101main.com