[HOT][3SFG]Transistor62 TFC Server Notes:

Transistor62 offers 151 various maps with the following time settings:

- TFC Maps run for 30 Minutes

- Favorite Maps run for 30 Minutes

- Non TFC Maps run for 30 Minutes.

- Some maps offer a variation on gravity settings. (See Maps link)



Server Map Rotations:

2fort, hunted, Canalzone 2, Well, Rock2, Avanti,

badlands, crossover2, dustbowl, epicenter, flagrun, warpath



Server Features Include:

- Admin mod allowing voting and map time indication among other things.

- Robot Players identified with a [Bot] Prefix.

- [Bot] deaths do not count against your player stats.

- [Bot] kills do not count for your player stats.


- [HOT][3SFG]Transistor62 does not actively enforce rules, however players caught using

  Client side game hacks will be banned from [HOT][3SFG]Transistor62 TFC.