Weapon Information

CrowBar Players who use: Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, HWG and Pyro.

First slot weapon with many player classes. Not the most powerful weapon, but if you are out of ammunition, the crowbar can be your best friend. Note: Being killed by a crowbar (AKA: Crowbar Kill) is the worst form of humiliation, so don't let it happen to you.

Wrench Players who use: Engineer Only.

Used to upgrade the Sentry Gun, replenish the Dispenser, and to build up teammates armor. This puppy also does damage like the crowbar and is just as humiliating to be killed by one (AKA: Wrench Kill). 

Knife Players who use: Spy Only.

Results do vary, but it is possible to kill any player with one stab to the head. However, in most cases, a few slashes are required. Remember, spies loose their disguise once they begin their attack.

Medkit Players who use: Medic Only.

The Medic uses this to infect the enemy. Once infected, the enemy can transmit the disease to other enemies by touch. The Medkit also heals teammates. In fact, if the Medic is healthy enough, he can increase teammate's health to 50 points beyond the maximum of that class.

Tranquilizer Gun Players who use: Spy Only.

Very annoying, especially when you are swimming in a tunnel. This is because it slows your speed in half. This is helpful to a spy who is trying to butcher you like a hog. Best used at close range.

Railgun Players who use: Engineer Only.

Laser pistol best used to destroy enemy Sentry Gun. Not all that effective against enemy players.

Single Barrel Shotgun Players who use: Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, HWG and Pyro. 

Common medium powered weapon. 8 quick shots before reloading. Not all that effective.

Double Barrel Shotgun Players who use: Soldier, Medic, HWG, Spy and Engineer.

Very effective at close range, this bitch has 8 double barrel shots for that "in your face" splatter to make your day. Very popular up close, but somewhat ineffective at long range.

Sniper Rifle Players who use: Sniper Only.

Used exclusively for sniping and can zoom-in for several hundred feet for that "upfront and personal" kill. The shot power increases as you hold the trigger until you let go. Most players die with a single head shot. 

Auto Rifle Players who use: Sniper Only.

Alternate to the sniper rifle, this is a medium powered machine gun. Not the best weapon to be sure, but better than a crowbar....until you run out of ammo.

Nailgun Players who use: Scout and Spy.

Medium powered rapid fire weapon with lots of ammo. Quite effective against Sentry Guns.

Super Nailgun Players who use: Medic Only.

Faster and more powerful than the standard Nailgun, this weapon is quite formatable.

Assault Cannon Players who use: HWG Only.

Biggest of all weapons available, this sucker will mow down your opponent with amazing ease. This is what makes the HWG such a defensive foe. Using this weapon does slow the HWG down to a crawl.

Flamethrower Players who use: Pyro Only.

Burn, baby burn.....fry the guy and toast your enemies. Blinds the enemy all the while killing them a-la-flem. This weapon is as effective and deadly as it is annoying. We all hate the Pyro, don't we?

Incendiary Cannon Players who use: Pyro Only.

Looks like a regular Rocket Launcher, but with many key differences. Much less powerful, most of it's damage is done by the fire created after impact. Although it fires slower, you can continuously fire rocket rounds until you are completely out of ammo. Yet another good reason to hate the Pyro.

Rocket Launcher Players who use: Soldier Only.

50 rocket ammo, at 4 shots per reload, this weapon does quite the damage. With great range and power, this weapon can also be used by a skilled player to jump great distances.

Pipebomb Launcher Players who use: Demoman Only.

Available in Blue or Yellow. Blue ones are grenades that bounce a few times before exploding. Fire up to 6 before reloading or single firing. Yellow ones do not explode but gather (up to 8) and wait for the special trigger for that "extra special" explosion. Best used to bobby-trap entrances or the flag.

Grenade/Explosive Information

Caltrop Canisters Players who use: Scout Only.

Floor spikes that spread out on the floor, this weapon causes massive damage. One hit will slow you down, but step and two.......and you won't be going anywhere very fast.

Concussion Grenades Players who use: Scout and Medic.

Not for damage, the explosion causes disorientation making walking, running and shooting very hard. Used especially for quick escapes, good players can also use this for long distance or high jumps.

Hallucination Grenades Players who use: Spy Only.

Another annoying weapon to be sure, if you walk into (or) near the dispersion spread, you will experience attack hallucinations for quite some time. This can be very confusing for quite some time.

Napalm Grenade Players who use: Pyro Only.

Once again interesting, but no real threat, except to a Sentry Gun. This grenade explodes and spreads napalm all over causing a firestorm and surrounding damage. Also, easy to avoid or escape.

Nail Grenade Players who use: Soldier Only.

Interesting, but no real threat, except to a Sentry Gun. This grenade jumps into the air, spins and fires nails in every direction until it self detonates. Very easy to escape all but the final explosion.

Hand Grenades Players who use: Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, HWG, Pyro, Spy and Engineer.

Most common weapon, standard, reliable and effective. Not too fancy, but great in a pinch. 

EMP Grenade Players who use: Engineer Only.

EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse), this is the only grenade that can be used to (consistently) kill multiple players (I have seen up to 7 killed at once). It works by detonating enemy ammo packs. Explosions are compounded by other players in the immediate vicinity, so in other words the more players in a group the  bigger the explosion, and the more people who will die.

MIRV Grenades Players who use: Demoman and HWG.

Single most powerful weapon, nothing survives it's wrath. First explosion spawns 4 explosive spheres which in turn explode shortly thereafter. This grenade will destroy ANYTHING caught in it's blast area.

Det Pack Players who use: Demoman Only.

Available for delayed detonation (50 seconds max), this unit is powerful enough to blow a hole in walls to create openings for your team to travel through. Also used as a booby trap to catch a sleeping enemy.

Dispenser Players who use: Engineer Only

Built by an Engineer to provide ammo and armor to your fellow players, the dispenser can also be detonated at will by the Engineer causing severe damage or instant death. The level of explosion is directly proportional to the amount of ammo contained inside. In other words, if you stock pile ammo into this baby, you will see the big bang theory put into action.